Sixty classic cars parked up in City Park on 15 August for the tenth annual Bradford Classic, with the summer weather coming out in celebration. The day included vehicles from the birth of automobile history through to modern souped-up cars courtesy of a local Bradford business.


Other attractions included live music, a climbing wall, table tennis and free face painting, but the stars of the show had to be recreations of the famous KITT car from TV series Knight Rider and the time-travelling DeLorean complete with its gullwing doors, Mattel hover-board, flux capacitor and OUTATIME number plate. Though these two cars got a lot of the attention there were plenty more to see – rally cars, American highway patrol cars, classic vans, a Royal Air Force racing mini, an Austin Rover and a double decker London bus for those interested in something a bit bigger, with new exhibits arriving all the time.

The event pulled in a crowd who spent the day looking around the classic vehicles, taking photos in them and inspecting engines – a buzzing atmosphere. The Police Museum also opened its doors and there was a vintage fair in City Hall.

The crowd were entertained by two sets from local acoustic band The Good Citizens, the guitarist modelling a Bradford City shirt like many in the crowd on match day. They delivered a range of great uptempo songs on guitar and cajon drum, with hits from Simon and Garfunkel, Bob Marley and Kings of Leon alongside a spirited mash-up of No Diggity and Thrift Shop and a Bradford-themed take on the classic Country Roads.

Before leaving I had to find out more about the star car on site and spoke to Mike Hutchinson from DeLorean Yorkshire, owner of the travelling time machine and fan of the movies, who has been working on the car since meeting a DeLorean historian at the Birmingham NEC over two years ago. The car is fully driveable and part of a cottage industry of DeLorean enthusiasts who keep the cars up and running, reaching a peak in this thirtieth anniversary year.

“The DeLorean community is one of the nicest and friendliest you’ll ever come across. Any issues with the car, you put the problem on the forum, and people will tell you an answer straight away!”

And finally, has Mike ever got the car up to the famous 88 miles per hour? “Yes I have. Legally of course on a race track – unfortunately it doesn’t go back in time but I’d like to think that’s just a wire out of place!”

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