How did you get into illustration?

It was a bit of a happy accident to be honest! When I was 25 I decided to retrain as a graphic designer by doing an apprenticeship. Whilst on my course I found I was more drawn to designers who bring in illustration to their work. After I discovered you could actually get paid for drawing pictures, my work just developed from there.

You seem to have developed a signature style, is that something you worked towards or did it come naturally?

It’s definitely something I’ve worked towards. When I first started out, my background as a designer influenced my work and I found it was too bland and lacking in personality. I spent a lot of time experimenting with different art mediums as a way of getting off the computer and adding my own stamp to my digital work.

Are there any projects you’re particularly proud of?

It’s my personal goal to do more work for good and I was asked by a charity called Safe Partnership to create a set of illustrations to show the services they deliver. Right from the start they were an absolute dream to work with. They knew exactly what they wanted but also gave me a lot of creative freedom, the feedback they gave was really helpful and they paid on time!

Taaryn Brench - Productivity

What’s your relationship with Bradford?

Bradford born and bred! I recently moved back to the area after spending the last eight or nine years in Sheffield. I have really fond memories of being 17 or 18 and hanging out at The Love Apple where people I knew were bringing top bands over to Bradford by putting on their own gig nights – Granadaland, Blank Generation Disco, Dog on Wheels. The music scene was so great around that time, it was a good time to be a teenager!

Describe your perfect working environment.

I do my best work when it’s super quiet and there’s no one else around so maybe a solitary cabin in the woods. One with a big fire though, I get really cold so easily!

What do you like to do when you’re not illustrating?

I like to spend my time exploring the natural world, I really enjoy going for walks in the woods or going out to nature reserves.

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