Martin Cook is aiming to unearth Bradfords DJ talent through Jump, a new dance music night at the Mill nightclub featuring a DJ competition and a headline slot from Rob Tissera.

Hi Martin, Can you tell us a bit about the Jump event at the Mill this month?
After months of preparation, planning and plenty of promo parties we’re excited to launch our new concept Jump! @ The Mill on Saturday 29 April.

What gave you the idea to run a DJ competition?
It’s always been difficult to get noticed as a DJ and be given an opportunity with a real crowd to prove yourself as an artist. We’re hoping to give someone that chance to shine.

Who can enter and what’s the music policy?
The Jump! style is one of progression, starting from funky, chunky 130bpm vocal house through to 150bpm+ hard house/trance and beyond depending on the DJs but always uplifting and banging.
Anyone 18+ can enter the competition by swinging over to our website and checking out our music/mixes. Then simply register, put together a 30 minute mix and submit it before midnight on 22 April for a chance to win one of four one-hour slots on the launch night. The overall winner will become a Jump! resident, as well as a host of other prizes.

Has the response been good so far and what do you make of Bradford’s DJ talent?
We’ve had a fantastic response so far with over thirty mixes being submitted already (mid-March) and the entries are coming in from far and wide, so we’re really pleased.

Do you think new technology has changed the art of DJing? Would it be judged differently than a similar event, say 10-15 years ago?
New DJ tech such as Pioneer’s new XDJ-RX makes DJing really fun and the things I as a DJ back in 2000 wished for are now possible and then some.

Are you pleased to have signed up Rob Tissera to play a set on the night too?
I couldn’t be more pleased for Rob to be headlining and for that to be at our spiritual home The Mill makes it all the more special!
Rob has been my idol since my early days DJing and his style of uplifting, banging dance music fits the Jump! ethos perfectly. I’ve been privileged to work closely with him in the studio over the last few months and can’t wait for us to drop our latest collaboration exclusively at the Jump! launch night.

Can you tell us a bit about your own background in DJing and promotion?
I was a resident DJ in Leeds back in 1999/2000 playing house, trance and hard house to 1000s of clubbers every week… Now, 17 years on, I’m married to my beautiful wife Victoria (a fellow Club Uropa clubber) have three lovely kids, a Siberian husky and run a small software development company but I never stopped loving the music! I’ve never done anything like Jump! before but I’m hoping it will be a new venture that’s supported and becomes as loved as Parlez-Vous which was one of my favourite regular events at The Mill.

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