Another busy Saturday morning at the Italian Catholic Mission  in Bradford’s Little Horton district where the weekly soup kitchen takes place. Father Lorenzo Frosio directs proceedings and ensures everyone’s wellbeing.

Great fresh food, donated by local businesses and cooked by local Italian chefs, is served by volunteers to anyone who comes through the door, regardless of their circumstances or means.

Avanti FOTO-2274 Avanti FOTO-2283 (Padre Lorenzo) Avanti FOTO-2286 Avanti FOTO-2298 Avanti FOTO-2305 Avanti FOTO-2306 Avanti FOTO-2310 Avanti FOTO-2314 Avanti FOTO-2316 Avanti FOTO-2318 Avanti FOTO-2327 Avanti FOTO-2329 Avanti FOTO-2337 Avanti FOTO-2344 Avanti FOTO-2350

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