The latest adults-only event at the National Science and Media Museum took place on Friday 14 July and introduced the new Supersenses exhibition by presenting a night of activities and talks all exploring the concept of senses.

For those hungry and thirsty on the night, not only was there a coffee tasting experience throughout the event but you could also try a range of unusual puddings in the experimental dessert zone. The treats confused the senses by mixing sweet and savoury, including Yorkshire puddings filled with chocolate and pizzas topped with pick ‘n’ mix sweets. Also to be enjoyed was lemonade in glasses topped with popping candy, casting one back to the childhood delight at that unique sensation.

In the foyer throughout the night there was an eclectic mix of performances. There was the cirque-style pole performance of the Scarlet Butterfly and the informative and hilarious presentation from Dr Matt Pritchard, the Science Magician, which detailed how we might – or might not – be able to get powers like superheroes. Very entertaining was Lady Violet Hugh who was exploring the balance between operatic music and downing huge mouthfuls of gin.

Exploring further into the museum there were plenty of interactive activities. The heat of your hand could be tested on the heat sensitive walls which constantly change colour when touched. There was the chance to make light-bending glasses and various sensory tests allowing you to compare your drawing and sculpting skills when either blind-folded, using your weaker hand, or listening to music. Lates offered the first opportunity to sample the new exhibition which includes a range of intriguing activities, including interactive sand pits and a screen depicting how animals see compared to humans. Visitors can see and hear things they have never observed before as the challenges of sensing the microscopic, the physically inaccessible and even the Big Bang are explored.

Exploring the upper floors of the museum, there was a chance to get messy by contributing fingerprints to a blank canvas of the Bradford skyline. A demonstration room from Bradford College showcased how using smells can confuse your taste buds, which felt like a proper science lesson thanks to their use of smoking beakers, and there was the added delight of having crisps, chocolates and sweets to try.

For those wanting something more scientific, there were also a series of lectures covering decomposition and smell, how itches are contagious and the final packed-out show entitled The Science Of Doctor Who where show superfan Dr Edward L Gomez explained how realistic – or not – some of the concepts behind the show are. The show had brain-twisting science sections as well as more lighthearted moments. To indulge the sense of hearing, there was the Wonderland disco and a later show by the Pianoman taking over with some 90s anthems, including some much enjoyed Daft Punk!

The National Science and Media museum once again packed plenty of entertainment and science into the event, offering an exciting introduction to the Supersenses exhibition and kicking off the Science Festival in City Park.

Supersenses exhibition is on until 8 October. Lates returns on Thursday 28 September from 6:30pm. For more information, please see the National Science and Media Museum website

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