Who are you and what do you do?
I’m Matt Halliday. I’m lucky enough to run Bradford Brewery.

What prompted you to open up a bar/brewery in the heart of Bradford?
Like every good idea, it started over a pint. A pint of Leeds Brewery in Sparrow Bier Café in fact. A friend asked me why there wasn’t a Bradford Brewery. Two years and a lot of sleepless nights later, here we are.

How’s the response been so far?
Absolutely amazing. Lots of people said I was mad to be opening a new venture right in the heart of the city. Just look at the buzz around the Independent Quarter on a weekend and I think we’re already proving them wrong.

Matt Halliday

Bradford Brewery boss Matt Haliday

What’s the best thing about your job?
Everyone wants to be your friend. Honestly, I’ve met some of the most incredible people since opening the brewery. I’d like to think it was my charm and dashing good looks they want but I think it’s just the beer.

What’s your relationship with Bradford?
Bradford’s the childhood sweetheart I couldn’t get over. I’m a Bradford boy. I spent most of my youth in Rio’s and the 1in12 but left for the bright lights of London 10 years ago. Bradford was a very different city then. I came back two years ago and every day I’ve questioned why it took me so long. I’m not going anywhere again.

What are your plans for the next year or so?
Our beers are slowly rolling out to bars and clubs across Bradford and beyond. We’ve got an ambition of seeing a Bradford beer on every bar in the district before the year’s out. We’ll also soon be canning our beer so you’ll soon be able to enjoy our beer in your own home. And if you see Robbie Hunter-Paul tell him you want a can of Bradford on the terraces of Odsal Stadium.

You made the national press recently following a public spat with George Galloway, are you friends now?
Ha, no! Bradford Brewery is a Galloway Free Zone! At Bradford Brewery we’re proud to be creating a space that is used and loved by all members of our great community. As far as I’m concerned Galloway only works to create division. I will personally stand against him in the next election if he is re-elected to Bradford West.

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